Hello everybody, welcome to my first blog on this wiki. I have two things to say, I should start with the "worse" one so this blog will end on a high note, let's get right into it:

  1. The first section is about the release dates of the episodes, I see that Cjay fills them in, what I've noticed is that they're filled in based on when a Youtuber uploads a walkthrough of the first level of a new episode. (I'm not pointing fingers at Cjay BTW) The thing is, there is currently only ONE Youtuber who uploads walkthroughs of levels this far into the game, as in, 1000s, that one Youtuber might be busy with life sometimes. You see, that might lead to delays sometimes. An example of that is the newest episode (As I'm writing this), it says that it was released on December 13, but was it? I highly doubt it. I also highly doubt that King releases new episodes whenever they please during a "one to three weeks after the new episode" period, without any pattern. As you can probably see, the release dates are often close to a two-week pattern. I say that the pattern is actually strictly two weeks. I say we change it to not waiting for a Youtuber, not even waiting for a poster indicating the release, but automatically inserting the release date after two weeks. Sure, there may be exceptions here and there, but they're probably extremely rare. What do you think?
  2. The second part of this blog will be more positive. Yesterday, the long process of me filling in the "numberintype" sections for all levels, as well as "improving" the navbar, ended, as I blitzed through those for the monkling levels, aka the only level type I hadn't "reviewed" yet. In the future, I will try to improve the level pages even more, as they are still missing a lot of info, but let's just celebrate the completion of this chapter. Thank you all! May you all have a jellylicious day!
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