Hello there fellow viewers and editors of this wiki, it's me PC04, here with another blog post. Considering how dead the wiki has been since it's creation, I doubt anyone will read this blog post, but I'll go ahead and write it anyways, for memories' sake.

Today is April 1st, 2018, a regular day, except it's not, it's April Fools day so more than half the people in this world is puling pranks on each other. I also believe that Christian countries that use the Gregorian calendar are celebrating Easter today, so happy Easter I guess. Georgia still uses the Julian calendar for religious holidays such as this one, Easter, as it will be on the 8th here this year.

So what makes today so special? Well, nothing, really, haha, it's actually yesterday that was special. Yesterday, I reached 2000 edits! I can't believe I've reached this milestone. Thank you to all who followed me and just talked to me throughout this period.

Now, you may ask why I emphasized on April 1st instead of March 31st, the real date of reaching the milestone at first. You see, I haven't really moved on from it. Why? Because I reached it so late yesterday that I could barely celebrate, let alone the fact that I couldn't write this blog post or I'd have to be up until 2AM.

This has been a wild ride so far and I wonder what the future will bring to me and this wiki. If you're reading this, thank you for bothering to do so. Goodbye! See you all around!

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