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Hello <insert name here> ! I am Marisa! My user name is Marisa1980! Welcome to my userpage!

I am not good at English because I am Vietnamese (Vietnam-icon.jpg). So, there are some grammatical error in my sentences.

I am currently working on this wiki and I will try to edit the articles quickly. If you have any help, leave the message on my message wall.

My work is uploading new level images and updating new features and articles.

I started the game on on March, 6th 2013. Sometimes, I also play games on phone.

Current: Episode 233 - Level 4463/4785 Check green.png

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  • Jelly levels: 519
  • Jelly boss levels: 126
  • Puffler levels: 462
  • Puffler boss levels: 149
  • Monkling levels: 421
  • Monkling boss levels: 128

Total levels: 4785