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Have a Jellylicious summer!


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17 August 2021, the day Wikia World changes.

I'm sure that most people are feeling shocked after FandomDesktop has reached full rollout. This thing has makes me shocked, too. That theme has changed too many stuffs and effects in most wikias, or called fandom wikis. And my wiki is not exception. The whole tabber, infobox, font, theme, background,... was broken, all of them. I have no idea how long it takes me to search discussion forums, threads and even discord channels and find the solution. Finally all I have to do is to move all stuffs to a new CSS pages and recreate a link to call the effect. It's really tough for me to do it alone when some people left the wiki because of too-big changes from the Fandom Community. I'm really upset when all old good resources like Oasis, Hydra, WikiActivity, Legacy Source Editor from 2010... are slowly disappearing and sinking into oblivion. Feel like when Internet is in development, some things must be changed to adapt to the modern world, and we have to move on to catch up with the new change, too. I was so lucky when I had knew the wikia very soon, from 2012, and I never forget all the good things wikia had given to us before Fandom came.

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Hello <insert name here> ! I am Marisa! My user name is Marisa1980! Welcome to my userpage!

I am not good at English because I am Vietnamese (Vietnam-icon.jpg). So, there are some grammatical error in my sentences.

I am currently working on this wiki and I will try to edit the articles quickly. If you have any help, leave the message on my message wall.

My work is uploading new level images, updating new features and articles. And now MarisaBot will help me edit articles quicker.

I started the game on on March, 6th 2013. Sometimes, I also play games on phone.

Current: Episode 256 - Level 4905/5065 Check green.png

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You can use both your primary and bot account to log in into AutoWikiBroswer program.

Because there are only instruction texts without any images, I recommend searching "Help:Bot" and "Help:Using AutoWikiBrowser" in Fandom Community to have full instruction.

  • Access this link here and download the latest version of AutoWikiBroswer (AWB):
  • Find the compressed file, click the right mouse and choose "Extract file..." then "OK".
  • Now you are able to use the program.
Start editing:
Before 2018:
  • Open AutoWikiBroswer (AWB).
  • Click "Option" > "Preferences" > "Site". In "Project", open the list and choose "wikia". at the next row, type the wikia name, like "candycrushjelly" (you don't need to add "" because it's automatically added behind). Then "OK".
  • Click "File" > "Log in/Profile". Type your name in "Username" and password in "Password" like you log in at the website browser. Then "Login".
  • Note for editing specific articles: Make a new text file (txt) and then put it anywhere you want (highly recommended putting it in a new forder near the program). Next In "Source", open the list and choose "Text file (UTF-8)", then click "Make list". A new window box appears and you need to file the text file created before. In "Skip" tab, deselect all the tick box, in "Page" at the bottom, choose "Don't care" to avoid skipping suddenly. Last, click "Start" to begin working.
After 2018:
  • Open AWB.
  • Click "Option" > "Preferences" > "Site". In "Project", open the list and choose "fandom". at the next row, type the wikia name, like "candycrushjelly" (you don't need to add "" because it's automatically added behind). Then "OK".
  • The next step will be hard for you to follow. But it's quite simple. You can click this link here to watch the detail steps.
    • 1. Click Search icon and type "Special:BotPasswords".
    • 2. Type your new bot username in "Create a new bot password". Example "12345678", or "abcdefg". Then click "Create".
    • 3. Tick the permission list you want. Then click "Generate".
    • 4. The bot username and generated password are displayed. This password will only be displayed on that page. Once you navigate away from that page, the password will not be retrievable.
    • Note for this action: The password is only used once while you're using AWB. If you exit the program, you must generate a new password from scratch. At Step 3, tick "Reset new password" and then click "Generate".
  • Back to the program. Click "File" > "Log in/Profile". Type your name in "Username" and password in "Password" like you have done making a new bot username and password at the website browser. Then "Login".
  • To start editing, do the same step in Before 2018.
Create new articles by using AutoWikiBroswer:
  • Note: To be able to do this task. You need to download CSV Loader Plugin here and then follow steps here.
  • There is a note when CSV Loader Settings box pops up: watch here
    • You can tick or untick Skip when no changes made (default is to skip).
    • In Column Header, type everything you want but it must be as short as possible.
    • Select whether to append (add to the end), prepend (add to the beginning) or replace the new text, then enter new text, example: This is a new page.
  • Back to the program, in "Skip" tab, look at "Page" and choose "Exists". The reason is: if there is a page existing, some texts will be added or all the text will be replaced.
  • Click "Start" and click "Save" if you think everything is OK.

  • Jelly levels: 519
  • Jelly boss levels: 126
  • Puffler levels: 462
  • Puffler boss levels: 149
  • Monkling levels: 421
  • Monkling boss levels: 128

Total levels: 5065