Hello Everyone!

It been 5 month since I join this wiki...

But now..., I think It time for me to leave the wiki forever...

Why? Because I got (other) thing to do... :v

And NOT only that, I will be no longer be active in this wiki anymore. :(

But I will still be playing Candy Crush Jelly Saga and be looking what is going on (Even though when I not sign in anymore).

Fave. Character Edit

If you do not like these character, Do Not ask or Hate for me to remove them, because these are my Most Fave. character!

1.) Mr. Yeti Edit

Because why Not? He so Fluffy

2.) Jenny Edit

3.) Jelly Queen Edit

4.) Cupcake Carl Edit

Fun Fact About Me Edit

  • I find it easy on boss level when I play Jelly boss and/or puffler boss levels (I'm sorry Monkling boss levels, but I'm not good at it).
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