Jelly Lock 3

Tangled Liquorice or Jelly Lock is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It first appears in the 31st episode, Sneaky Sweet Peaks. The first level in which it is featured is level 601.


Level 601-1

Jelly Lock

  • It locks candies under strings. The string will expand one square when the player doesn't hit at least one string.
  • The string can be removed by regular match or special candy effect.
  • In the levels with more tangled liquorice, if the player only removes one string of it, another one is still expanded.
  • The core is resistant to special candies. If a striped candy hits the core of tangled liquorice, it will get rid of the blocker but won't get rid of any other candies or blockers beyond it.
  • The core requires three hits to remove. It can be damaged by special candies unlike the strings from the core.
  • Once the core is removed, all the strings from the core are also removed. When it is removed, special candy will be released.
  • Color bomb + color bomb combination can take off one layer of all tangled liquorice. Color bomb + coloring candy can strip one layer of tangled liquorice, too.
  • Candy fish always finds jelly where the core and string are on.
  • In some rare cases like level 987, tangled liquirice is never working, it means string will never spawn from the core.

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.

Notable levelsEdit

  • Level 601 - The first appearance of tangled liquorice and color bombs under it.
  • Level 622 - Striped candies under tangled liquorice.
  • Level 625 - Coloring candies under tangled liquorice.
  • Level 647 - Wrapped candies under tangled liquorice.
  • Level 987 - Non-working tangled liquorice.
  • Level 1193 - Candy fish under tangled liquorice.
  • Level 1271 - Empty tangled liquorice.
  • Level 1284 - Liquorice swirls under tangled liquorice.


  • Level 987, 1035,... and some other levels are the levels that have non-working tangled liquorice. (See here)
  • The core works similar to the regular fishing net in this game and popcorn from Candy Crush Saga.
  • The core mostly contains color bomb, but more special candies can be found on further episode.
  • If there is a color bomb + coloring candy combination, it can strip all layers of tangled of liquorice, but the core still stays one layer.
    • After color bomb + coloring candy combination was fixed, combining them can only strip one layer of tangled of liquorice.


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