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Star Chase
Levels Any levels that has missing stars
Release date Web.png: Unavailable
Mobile Icon.png: December 17, 2016

Star Chase is one of the events in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It is only available on the mobile version. This event has no time limit.

This event will be unlocked at level 30.


Collect Stars to get a sweet reward!

The prize is one of any booster for 7 stars collected for the first time of this event. Remember one thing that only new stars collected on a level will be counted. After collecting all the stars, the meter will be reset (There are some cases that the player needs to collect 10 stars). The reward is different in each stage.


Note: The reward that the player gets is random.
Type Reward
Single booster Nothing
 Color Bomb Icon.png: 1
 Coloring Candy Icon.png: 1
 Double delish fish Icon.png: 1
 Lollipop Hammer Icon.png: 1
 Striped Lollipop Hammer Icon.png: 1
 Wrapped Lollipop Hammer Icon.png: 1
Life Life refresh.png
 Life forever.png: 1h
Multiple reward  Color Bomb Icon.png: 1 Coloring Candy Icon.png: 1 Double delish fish Icon.png: 1


  • This event can still work without requiring an Internet connection.
  • This event is also applied for Save Misty, Birthday Bash, and Bananadrama! event.
  • If you get a star and click quit button, this event will appear as a warning. However, it doesn't work on web version.


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