Score is one of the fundamental elements in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It's a stat value that's calculated during the level playing and after the level has been completed. Every level has a score requirement that is needed to be reached so that a player can pass it. Stars are obtained based on the score you have at the end of a level. Score requirement for one star is needed as a minimum to pass the level.

However, each level type has additional tasks for players to do to pass a level, besides the score requirement.

Elements' Attributed PointsEdit

Element Description Points Picture
Candy Match Add 60 for every additional match in one move. 60 Candymatch point
Candy Fish Add 120 for every created candy fish. 120 Candyfish point
Striped Candy Add 120 for every created striped candy. 120 Stripedcandy point
Wrapped Candy Add 200 for every created wrapped candy. 200 Wrappedcandy point
Wrapped Candy Detonation The score that you get depend on candies is crushed by wrapped candy. Each candy = 60
Maximun score: 480 x 2 = 960
540 for explosion of candy fish + wrapped (without blocker)
Wrappedcandy detonation point
Color Bomb Add 200 for every created color bomb. 200 Colorbomb point
Coloring Candy Add 280 for every created coloring candy. 280 Coloringcandy point
Purple jelly candy Add 3000 or 6000, 9000, 12000 points after Sugar Crush was activated (if who uses mod version). 3000, 6000, 9000 or 12000
Blocker (per blocker except Jelly Cube and Cotton Cloud) 20
Puffler Add specific points for each puffler. (The point depends on the length of puffler) 1 space = 3000 points Puffler point
Sugar Crush Add 3000 points for each candy fish, wrapped candy and striped candy are created. 3000 SugarCrush point


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