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Race it
Levels Level gap of an episode
Characters Misty
Release date Web.png: May 27, 2021
Mobile Icon.png: May 20, 2021 (beta)

Race it! is one of the features in Candy Crush Jelly Saga that is available on mobile devices and Facebook.


It's time to race! Reach and pass level x before the other competitors!

When you enter a new episode, you will start a new race with 4 other competitors. The finish line is the last level of an episode. To get reward, you must be 1 in 3 first players to reach and complete the last level required.


Position Reward
1  Gold 1.png: 5
2  Gold 1.png: 3
3  Gold 1.png: 1
4, 5 None


  • This feature was released on May 20, 2021, but only for some players.
    • This feature was released on Facebook on May 27, 2021, 1 week after it was released on mobile devices.
  • This feature is at the right side of the screen, under the "messages" icon.
  • At the beta version, there is no info button or any information about this feature.
  • You can play this feature even you have no Internet connection. However, you can't update your level and other players' position and you must be online to get reward.
  • This feature can appear in other events like Save Misty, Birthday Bash and Bananadrama!, but there will be no race started.
  • This feature works the same as Episode Race in Candy Crush Soda Saga. However, in that feature, the player just needs to reach the last level without passing it.


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