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Puffler boss levels are one of the six level types in Candy Crush Jelly Saga, along with jelly levels, jelly boss levels, puffler levels, monkling levels and monkling boss levels. Puffler boss levels are the third level type introduced in the game. They first appear in episode 2, Cupcake Crest, with the first level being level 21.

Puffler boss levels are the hard and third level type in the game, making up 2.49% of all levels, with 149 total appearances out of the 5985 levels.

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This level type is involving Cupcake Carl.


It has the same icon as the puffler level, but Cupcake Carl is located on the left side of the level introduction.


To pass this level type, the player has to defeat Cupcake Carl by collecting the given number of pufflers before he does.

After each move without creating special candies, the player and Cupcake Carl will change their turns alternately until running out of moves. Of course, they will catch the same pufflers and indiscriminate ones.

If Cupcake Carl has collected the given number of pufflers first, then you will fail the level without an option to continue. This is because there are no more alternate ways of reviving on the player's try or continuing the level since the board only gives the preset number of pufflers for the two (player and Cupcake Carl) to collect, minus one. (Say you have to collect 4 pufflers first. If Cupcake Carl collects 4 first, even if you could play on, there would only be 3 out of 7 pufflers left.)

When all amount of pufflers are caught before Cupcake Carl, Sugar Crush is activated - fish, striped and wrapped candies are made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of them activates themselves.

A player also has to reach a certain score requirement (for one star). This is usually trivial, because if you complete the main level objective, you always have enough points for at least one star.


  • Initially (Before version 1.4 update for mobile devices), Jelly Queen used to be involved in this level type.
  • Before Creamy Canyon was released, Cupcake Carl was adding more frosting to the board instead of having a competition with the player.
  • If Cupcake Carl collects all pufflers first, the message "You did not catch enough Pufflers" will display and the player will fail the level without an option to continue.
  • Candy fish acts similarly like one in puffler levels.