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This article is about element in the game. For the character, see here.

Puffler is an item that the player has to collect in puffler levels and puffler boss levels.


All pufflers often hide under frosting. To be able to find out them, the player needs to clear frosting. If frosting reveals something on is surface (it can be pink), pufflers are hiding there. If they clear some frosting which pufflers are hiding, they will move to certain places, make it hard for the player to find out again. However, there are some cases which pufflers still stay there although frosting was cleared almost all.

Each puffler collected is worth in points, 3,000 points are the number of squares which pufflers hide. For example, if the puffler occupies 5 squares of the board, the player earns 15,000 points when it is caught. However, it only applied for hidden pufflers from two squares or more. If there is only a puffler in one square (in other words, only its head), the player only earns 1,000 points. The point value doesn't appear on the screen.

After pufflers are caught, the spaces they occupy won't clear all candies or activate special candies in front of them.


  • Pufflers are a rare hybrid between a marshmallow and a butterfly.
  • Pufflers sometimes can change their places after a move if they are not fully freed from frosting. Their new places are indicated by the flashing squares and some ice cracking sounds.
  • Pufflers can exist in different conformations, straight or bent.
  • Unlike other elements, puffler and cupcake are the elements which score is not shown on the screen, but the score bar is still counted.