Egg orange monkling

Monkling is the item that the player has to collect in monkling levels and monkling boss levels.


Monklings are combined between a monkey and an egg. There are two monklings: orange and cyan. To make them, the player must collect orange candies on the board (Liquorice Larry uses cyan candies to make his monklings) with the certain candy number required by the game. After move them under the candy string, egg breaks, monklings are collected and the player will give 3,000 points (except cyan monklings).

In the game, monklings are not at random tiles but they are spawned at a permanent tile called spawning area (it is a square string). Orange monklings are spawned at orange square string, cyan ones are spawned at cyan square string.

Candy StringEdit

Candy string

Candy String

The candy string appears in monkling and monkling boss levels. The goal is to get the monklings in the row of tiles under the candy string to collect them. The candy string is usually at the bottom of the board.

In level 1492 (Monklingbosslevelicon) and level 1497 (Monkling levels icon), candy string has no end point. It means it doesn't long a line.


  • Monkling can not be made when candies do not settle, moving board or spawning places are under blockers.


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