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  • Seem you started to contribute this wiki, and I see you upload images and edit some articles. So do you want to become a rollback? This is the right for whom contributed quite much in here? If you want, leave a message.

    And more, all episode map you uploaded are in mobile, so If you upload episode map in mobile, please change the name of them into "Episode_Name Map 1 mobile.png, ..."

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    • Hi! Just So You Know, I've Reuploaded The Episode Maps To The Web Version Now.

      I've Changed Mochi Mountain Village To Waffle Wetlands.

      Next Time When I Upload An Episode Map From Mobile (Or Windows 10 Which Was What I Was Using), I'll Try And Remember To Do That!

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  • JellyqueenSurprise
    Welcome to CCJSW

    Hi, AydenC. Welcome to Candy Crush Jelly Wiki!


    Please check the following:

    • Rules: Remember to read them before you use this wiki.
    • Wiki Activity: This page helps you stay along on what has recently happened on Candy Crush Jelly Wiki.
    • Candy Crush Jelly Wiki:Administrators: List of administrators on Candy Crush Jelly Wiki.
    • Chat: Use this to chat with other users and meet other members of our community.

    And there is a lot more things that you will find on this wiki so I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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