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Puffler levels are the second most abundant type of level in Candy Crush Jelly Saga, making up ? of ? levels at ? appearances out of the 360 levels. The first puffler level is introduced at level 6 and each episode average around 5-9 puffler levels, though there can be as few as five and as many as eight. The episode with the most puffler levels is ?, with ? puffler levels. A few episodes also have more puffler levels than jelly levels.

List of Puffler levelsEdit

Below is a list of Puffler levels, the number of pufflers that the player needs to collect, and some remarks. Note: The list is currently incomplete.

World OneEdit

World TwoEdit

World ThreeEdit

World FourEdit

World FiveEdit

World SixEdit

World SevenEdit

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World TenEdit

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