Candy Crush Jelly Wiki
Under construction jelly.png Under construction
Type Jelly levels icon.png Jelly Queen.png Puffler levels icon.png Puffler boss icon.png Monkling levels icon 2.png Monklingbosslevelicon.png
Number of levels (5725) 519 126 462 149 421 128

Difficulty coding

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardInsanely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include the target score.

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Episode 1 (1-20)
Level 1-1.png Level 2-1.png Level 3(2)-1.png Level 4.png Level 5.png
Level 6.png Level 7.png Level 8.png Level 9.png Level 10.png
Level 11.png Level 12-1.png Level 13-1.png Level 14-1.png Level 15.png
Level 16.png Level 17.png Level 18.png Level 19.png Level 20.png
Episode 2 (21-40)
Level 21.png Level 22.png Level 23.png Level 24.png Level 25.png
Level 26.png Level 27.png Level 28-1.png Level 29.png Level 30.png
Level 31.png Level 32.png Level 33.png Level 34-1.png Level 35.png
Level 36-1.png Level 37.png Level 38.png Level 39.png Level 40.png
Episode 3 (41-60)
Level 41.png Level 42-1.png Level 43.png Level 44.png Level 45.png
Level 46.png Level 47.png Level 48.png Level 49-1.png Level 50.png
Level 51.png Level 52.png Level 53.png Level 54.png Level 55.png
Level 56.png Level 57(2)-1.png Level 58.png Level 59.png Level 60.png