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There are currently six level types throughout the whole game. Each type of level has a unique and different objective.

List of level types[]



First Level

# 1st Episode
Jelly Jelly levels icon.png 1 519 (10.25%) Cotton Candy Clouds
Jelly boss Jelly Queen.png 4 (before March 2017)
101 (after March 2017)
126 (2.49%) Cotton Candy Clouds (before March 2017)
Gelatine Grotto (after March 2017)
Puffler Puffler levels icon.png 6 462 (9.12%) Cotton Candy Clouds
Puffler boss Puffler boss icon.png 21 149 (2.94%) Cupcake Crest
Monkling Monkling levels icon.png 121 421 (8.31%) Cookie Falls
Monkling boss Monklingbosslevelicon.png 141 128 (2.53%) Ice Cream Alps


  • Monkling levels and Monkling boss levels are two level types that was only introduced after the official release of the game on mobile devices.
  • In all boss levels, you won't get any scores from boss's moves.
  • On March 2017, all Jelly boss levels from level 4 to level 95 were replaced by other level types and the first level of this level type is level 101. However, all players that played from scratch didn't completely realise this change until March 2018.
  • The Puffler level type are the only level type in which an exclamation mark in the sign "Out of moves!" is gone: If you run out of moves, a sign says "Out of moves" instead of "Out of moves!", which means an exclamation mark at the end of the word "moves" is gone.


Easiest Level Type[]

Hardest Level Type[]

Notes: Only vote when you completed all levels in the game.