Level Past Versions
Level 501

Level 501 Mobile V2-1

Level 501 Mobile V2-2

Level 501 Mobile V2-3

Episode Caramel Carnival
Level type Jelly levels icon
Jelly squares Pink Jelly icon: S1:14/81
Moves Move Moves-37
Number of
candy colors
Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Cyancandy
Blockers Two-layered Cupcake  Five-layered Cupcake  Liquorice Swirl  Jelly cube 2 blue
Other features Redwrap  ColorBomb Cannon  Swirl Cannon
Target score 1graystar Unknown
Number of spaces Space 197
Sections 3
Difficulty Somewhat Easy

Second VersionEdit

This version was available before Caramel Carnival was released on mobile versions but only some devices/accounts received this version.

  • There were 37 moves.
  • The second and third sections were switched.
  • This level was reverted back to the first version on 1 November 2016.
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