Candy Crush Jelly Wiki
Level Past Versions
Level 42
Level 42.gif
Episode Strawberry Sunrise
Level type Jelly levels icon.png
Jelly squares Pink Jelly icon.png: S1:4/64
Moves Move.png Moves-35.png
Number of
candy colors
Redcandy.png Orangecandy.png Yellowcandy.png Greencandy.png Cyancandy.png
Blockers Liquorice swirl
Other features Vertical striped candy cannon  Horizontal striped candy cannon  Liquorice swirl cannon
Target score 1graystar.png 1yellowstar.png : 5,000 points
Number of spaces Space.png 183
Sections 3
Difficulty Somewhat Easy

First Version[]

  • There were five candy colors.
  • The second section's board layout was different, meaning that you have to spread jelly on that section.



Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 42 NO BOOSTER


Candy Crush Jelly - 3 Stars Walkthrough Level 42 (Jelly mode)

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