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Level Past Versions
Level 339
Level 339.png
Episode Red Velvet Valley
Level type Puffler boss icon.png
Pufflers Puffler icon.png: 3
Moves Move.png Moves-25.png
Number of
candy colors
Redcandy.png Orangecandy.png Yellowcandy.png Greencandy.png Cyancandy.png
Blockers Three-layered cupcake  Liquorice swirl  One-layered blue jelly cube
Other features Candy fish  Horizontal striped candy
Target score 1graystar.png Unknown
Number of spaces Space.png 75
Sections Unknown
Difficulty Medium

First Version[]

  • There were 25 moves.
  • There was jelly cubes in the spaces with two-layered cupcakes.