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Jelly is one of the main elements in Candy Crush Jelly Saga which can be found in jelly levels and jelly boss levels.


Level 1-3


When you see the jelly on the board in a jelly level, you are required to spread it over the board. It is not a blocker. You can pass the level sooner if you understand some unique properties of jelly.

Type Effect
Normal match
  • When you do a normal matching of candies, if some candies on the space with jelly, all spaces relevant to the matching will be covered with jelly.
  • If a candy fish is activated on a jelly space, they will find spaces which hasn't been covered with jelly.
  • However, candy fish can also land on blockers although it was activated on a jelly space.
  • Moreover, they also land on blockers where jelly is inside (only they are activated without jelly).
  • If the candy fish related combination is on the jelly spaces, the activated fish will be covered with jelly.
Orangestripev  Purplestripeh
  • If a striped candy is activated on jelly space, all spaces swept by the striped candy will be covered with jelly.
  • If a striped candy is activated on a space where jelly is absent, but there are jelly squares in its target area, they will extend towards the edge of the board.
  • When the striped candy's effect hits a blocker, the jelly stops spreading (except liquorice locks and jelly cubes).
  • If a wrapped candy explodes on jelly space, all spaces affected by the wrapped candy will be covered with jelly.
  • If a wrapped candy explodes on space which jelly is absent, the jelly will not spread.
Color Bomb  Cyancoloring
Blockers Commonly, when jelly is spread by striped candies, it will stop spreading when they reach blockers. This is very dangerous, because if you don't get rid of blockers to spread jelly, you will fail. However, some blockers allow the player to spread through them. Moreover, there are some rare cases that jelly is inside blockers.
  • Blockers stopping to spread jelly: One-layered Cupcake  Liquorice Swirl  Fishing Net 3  Large Fishing Net 6  Jelly Lock 3  Liquorice link 4  Liquorice link 4 yellow
  • Blockers allowing to spread jelly: Liquorice Lock  Jelly cube 1 blue

Jelly appears on tiles in jelly levels and jelly boss levels. If a combination is made with jelly on the tile, it will spread to the empty tiles.

In jelly level, the player must spread all the jelly. The player loses a level if he/she did not spread the jelly in a certain number of moves.

In jelly boss level, the player must remove all of the Jelly Queen's green jelly to defeat her.


  • At the first launch on mobile of this game, jelly used to be a jam, which is brought from Candy Crush Soda Saga.
  • Candy Crush Saga also has the element named name jelly. However, instead of spreading the jelly everywhere, the player must clear all the jellies on the board.


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