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Get the treasure
Levels All levels
Characters Jelly Queen, Jenny, Odus, Misty, Mr. Toffee
Release date Web.png: Unavailable
Mobile Icon.png: May 3, 2021 (first launch)

Get the treasure is one of the events in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It is only available on the mobile version.

This feature will be unlocked at level 37.


Jelly Queen is taking all the kingdom's treasures for herself!

In this event, the player must pass a certain of levels to open the Jelly Queen's safe before running out of time. The event will choose 2 other members to enter your team.

Each member will have an ability to send an item to these two other players in the team, such as unlimited lives, boosters, or event gold bars. This ability is charged by collecting mastery points. Once the correct amount of mastery point is collected, the help will be automatically sent to your members. Help is received one item per one item even if the player has got many helping items accumulated in the inventory.

The ability will change automatically over time, depending on their rank. They can have a new ability when they rank up. And when the ability changes, their mastery point charge gets automatically transferred to the new ability.

When all certain levels are completed, the event will end immediately and your team will get the reward from the safe.


This section temporarily can't list the reward you get yet because the rewards in the chest are ramdom.


  • This event is only available for some players.


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