Cotton Cloud 1

Cotton Cloud is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It first appears in the 40th episode, Foggy Frosting Isle, with first being level 781.


Level 781 Mobile V1

Cotton Cloud

  • Any candies, blockers or other elements can be underneath the cotton cloud. However, unlike jelly cubes and liquorice locks, they are not captured.
  • The player totally can't see any candies or blockers inside cotton clouds.
  • Unlike jelly cubes, the player can make them disappear by matching candies near them or using special candy's effects.
  • If the wiggling is destroyed while its strings are still under cotton clouds, the cotton cloud will be removed one layer.
  • About the appearance of the cotton cloud: One-layered cotton clouds have a light pink layer. Two-layered cotton clouds have a light pink and dark pink layer separated. Three-layered cotton clouds have a dark pink layer and a light pink stripe at the middle. Four-layered cotton clouds have a dark pink layer. Any special candy's effects or match candies will decrease its one layer.
  • When the player combines color bomb or coloring candy with a regular candy, a layer cotton cloud will be decreased if there is the color of that candy chose.
  • Although all regular candies are under cotton clouds, combining color bomb or coloring candy + striped, wrapped candy, candy fish or combining two coloring candies are still allowed even all candies are hidden. It means the player can know where candies stay before all candies are resettled.
  • Color bomb + color bomb combination can take off one layer of all cotton clouds. Color bomb + coloring candy can strip all layers of cotton clouds.

Types of cotton cloudsEdit

Image Name First appearance Hits to take
Cotton Cloud 1
One-layered cotton cloud Level 781 1
Cotton Cloud 2
Two-layered cotton cloud Level 792 2
Cotton Cloud 3
Three-layered cotton cloud Level 901 3
Cotton Cloud 4
Four-layered cotton cloud 4


  • Combining color bomb or coloring candy with special candies (except two ones said) won't transform all regular candies into special candies. Simply, it only decreases one layer of cotton clouds.
  • If there are cupcakes under cotton clouds, color bomb + coloring candy can strip all layers of cotton clouds, but cupcakes are only decreased to one layer (In the game, the player will see all multi-layered cupcakes but when removed, they disappear).
  • Shuffling won't displace any candies inside cotton clouds, like Jelly Cube.


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