Color Bomb

Color bomb (also called a Hypercube) is one of the special candies in Candy Crush Jelly Saga that was brought from the original game Candy Crush Saga and the sequel game Candy Crush Soda Saga. It is made of a chocolate ball with rainbow sprinkles on it. It is thought that this special candy is based on an Australian treat known as a chocolate freckle.

In many ways, a color bomb works the same as in Candy Crush Saga, but the way it works in combos is the same as Candy Crush Soda Saga.


A color bomb is created when 5 candies (including special candies) of the same color form either a horizontal or vertical straight line. When formed, 200 points are given to the player. As in the original game, color bombs are not linked to any specific color. Therefore, an identical color bomb will always be created regardless of the color of candies that made it.

It is easy to form a color bomb when the board has less than 5 colors.



Since a color bomb is not linked to any specific color, it cannot form a matching combination with other candies on the board. However, it will be activated if swapped with any regular or special candy. Therefore, it is not possible to move a Color Bomb without getting it detonated. The effect will depend on the type of candy the color bomb is swapped with.

If any color bombs are activated by special candies' effect during cascades, they will link to regular candies on the board which have the most number by the lightning. However, during linking candies, the color of that candy won't spawn until color bombs cleared all color of that candy.

Swapping with regular candyEdit

When a color bomb is swapped with a regular candy, the color bomb will release energy charge, striking all candies (including special) that match the color of the swapped regular candy. The affected regular candies will be destroyed and the special candies will be instantly activated.

If the affected regular candies are trapped in liquorice locks, they will get unlocked but not destroyed. However, the locked special candies will get both unlocked and activated.

If a color bomb is activated by special candy’s effect, it will strike the candies of the dominant color on the board.


Combination Effect Image
Color Bomb + Candy Fish Makes all candies with the selected color to fish candies and activate them.
Color Bomb Candy Fish
Color Bomb + Striped Candy Makes all candies with the selected color to striped candies and activate them.
Color Bomb Striped Candy
Color Bomb + Wrapped Candy Makes all candies with the selected color to wrapped candies and activate them.
Color Bomb Wrapped Candy
Color Bomb + Color Bomb Blasts all of the spaces on the board and removes one layer of blockers.
Color Bomb Color Bomb
Color Bomb + Coloring Candy Jenny appears on the screen, blasts all of the spaces on the board and removes all blockers at once. (Changed from June 8, 2017 to June 13, 2017)
Color Bomb Coloring
With blockers:
  • Strip all layers of blockers (cupcakes, jelly cubes, cotton clouds, tangled liquorice).
  • Fishing nets and large fishing nets are not affected.
  • Cupcakes in jelly cubes: Strip all layers of jelly cubes, but all layers of cupcakes are still kept on the board. When make matches or use special candies' effect, they will be removed.


  • Similar to Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga, the player must use special candies to remove the liquorice lock.
    • However, after the release of Ice Cream Archipelago, the player can completely match candies next to it to remove liquorice locks without using special candies. But in some days, it was fixed.
  • In case if any color bombs are activated by special candies' effect during cascades, the player can feel the board is being collapsed.
  • If the color bomb is activated inside a jelly cube or cotton cloud, it maybe will be kept again.


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