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Candyvore is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It first appears in the 85th episode, with first being level 1576.



  • It is a pink canivorous plant with green leaves around, and a cyan-blue tongue.
  • After two moves, the candyvore will eat any candies (including special candy) around it in 3*3 area.
    • At the first move, the candyvore will release its tongue at any space. Then, that space will brighten up. (When a special candy hits it, it will redo this action.)
    • At the second move, its tongue will release to space which brightened up if the player doesn't use special candy to hit it. Special candies after being eaten won't be activated.
  • If candyvore eats a special candy, one leaf will grow again. If it is hit by special candy, the light which it released will disappear.
  • Like liquorice swirls and wigglings, the candyvore is resistant to special candies. If a striped candy hits the plant, it will get rid of the blocker but won't get rid of any other candies or blockers beyond it.
  • The candyvore requires one to four hits to remove. It can be damaged by special candies.
  • When the candyvore is hit by special candies, its leaves will be shrinking down.
  • Once the candyvore is removed, one of these things will be released (regular candy, candy fish, striped candy, wrapped candy, color bomb, coloring candy, liquorice swirl or nothing).
  • About the appearance of candyvores: one layer has one leaf (at the bottom), two layers have two leaves (at the bottom corner), three layers have three leaves (one at the top, two at the bottom corner) and four layers have four leaves (two at the top corner and two at the bottom corner).
  • If there are no candies around candyvore, it won't act.
  • Color bomb + color bomb combination can take off one layer of all candyvores. Color bomb + coloring candy can strip all layers of candyvores.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 1576 - First Jelly level with candyvores.
  • Level 1577 - First Monkling level with candyvores.
  • Level 1578 - First Puffler level with candyvores.
  • Level 1579 - First Puffler boss level with candyvores.
  • Level 1582 - First Monkling boss level with candyvores.
  • Level 1587 - First Jelly boss level with candyvores.


  • Candyvore likes special candies. That is the reason why it always chooses special candy as its first target.
  • Candyvore can eat candies indirectly through straw.