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This article is about element in the game. For the character, see here.

Candy fish (also known as swedish fish, or fish) is one of the special candies in Candy Crush Jelly Saga and also appears in Candy Crush Soda Saga.


A candy fish is created when 4 candies (including special candies) in a square or 5 candies in the letter "P" or "Q". When formed, it gives 120 points (200 if five candies are matched) to the player.


When you make a normal match with candy fish or combine color bomb with the same color of fish, they will randomly target a blocker or a regular candy and swim to it, if there are no blockers, or even empty space. Every candy or blocker that they destroys, they will give 3x as many points they supposed to give, for example: 20 x 3 = 60 for candies and most blockers. However, no points will be given to the player if it hits an empty space.


Level type Target
Jelly levels icon.png
  • Without blockers, target tiles without jelly.
  • With blockers, target tiles with jelly inside blockers when activated without jelly, target blockers when activated with jelly.
  • After finishing to spread the jelly, target remaining blockers, tiles without jelly, then random candy last.
Jelly Queen.png

For the player (or Jenny):

  • When fish is activated without jelly, they find to blockers or random candies without blockers.
  • When fish is activated with jelly, they find green jelly under candies first, then green jelly under blockers, and blockers and random candies last.

For Jelly Queen:

  • When fish is activated without jelly, they find to green jelly under blockers first, then blockers or random candies without blockers.
  • When fish is activated with jelly, they find to random candies. When the board is full of green and pink jelly, fish will find pink jelly under candies, then pink jelly under blockers, blockers and random candies last.
  • In case of fulfilled jelly, if fish is activated on pink jelly, it will find green jelly.
Puffler levels icon.png and Puffler boss icon.png
  • It will target a random frosting tile regardless of what is under it or on it.
  • Next is pufflers which is revealed a part.
  • Last, target frosting and random candies, blockers or empty tiles.
Monkling levels icon.png
  • It will target an Orangecandy.png as first priority without blockers.
  • When there is no monklings yet, they target blockers.
  • When the board has monklings, blockers is the first priority or candy under monklings without blockers on their ways.
  • If the way of monklings is a diagonal line, they will target blockers, Orangecandy.png or random candies.
  • Last, target Orangecandy.png if they are still on the board, then random candies.
Monklingbosslevelicon.png Similar to acting in Monkling levels icon.png. However:
  • They will target the way of your monklings and Orangecandy.png if that is Jenny's turn.
  • They will target the way of Liquorice Larry's monklings and Cyancandy.png if that is his turn.


Combination Effect Image
Candy Fish + Candy Fish Adds an extra fish and choosing a random tile. Candy Fish Candy Fish.gif
Candy Fish + Striped Candy Chooses a random tile and acts like a striped candy. Candy Fish Striped Candy.gif
Candy Fish + Wrapped Candy Chooses a random tile and acts like a wrapped candy. However, it will detonate once instead of twice. Fish Wrapped.gif
Candy Fish + Color Bomb Makes all candies with the selected color to candy fish and activate them. Color Bomb Candy Fish.gif
Candy Fish + Coloring Candy All the regular candies according to the color of coloring candy will turn all a candy fndy. Candy Fish Coloring Candy.gif


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