Candy Cannon
Candy Cannon

A candy cannon (also well known as a dispenser) is an element that probably releases some elements as liquorice swirls or special candies to the board when the candies below it are removed. It has a faucet and a panel which displays something that can appear.

Type of candy cannonsEdit

Image Name First appearance
Swirl Cannon Liquorice swirl cannon Level 41
Purplejelly Cannon Purple jelly cannon Level 85
Swirl Purplejelly Cannon Liquorice swirl/purple jelly cannon Level 198

Special candy cannonsEdit

Image Name First appearance
StripedH Cannon Horizontal striped candy cannon Level 42
StripedV Cannon Vertical striped candy cannon Level 42
Fish Cannon Candy fish cannon Level 42
Fish Swirl Cannon Candy fish/swirl cannon Level 70
ColorBomb Cannon Colorbomb cannon Level 74
Coloring Cannon Coloring candy cannon Level 77
Wrapped Cannon Wrapped candy cannon Level 130
StripedH Fish Cannon Ηorizontal striped/fish cannon Level 229
Wrapped Swirl Cannon Wrapped/swirl cannon Level 269
StripedVH Cannon Vertical/Horizontal striped cannon Level 308
StripedV Fish Cannon Vertical striped/fish cannon Level 311
Fish Purplejelly Cannon Fish/purple jelly cannon Level 347
ColorBomb Coloring Cannon Color bomb/coloring candy cannon Level 544
Fish Coloring Cannon Fish/coloring candy cannon Level 710
ColorBomb Fish Cannon Color bomb/fish cannon Level 710
StripedV Swirl Cannon Vertical striped/swirl cannon Level 741
StripedH Swirl Cannon Horizontal striped/swirl cannon Level 820
Wrapped StripedV Cannon Wrapped/vertical striped candy cannon Level 867
Wrapped Purplejelly Cannon Wrapped/purplejelly cannon Level 1043
Coloring Purplejelly Cannon Coloring candy/purplejelly cannon Level 1043
Wrapped StripedH Cannon Wrapped/horizontal candy cannon Level 1051
StripedH Purplejelly Cannon Horizontal striped/purplejelly cannon Level 1057
StripedV Purplejelly Cannon Vertical striped/purplejelly cannon Level 1057
Wrapped Fish Cannon Wrapped candy/candy fish cannon Level 1109
ColorBomb Swirl Cannon Colorbomb/swirl cannon Level 1493
StripedH ColorBomb Cannon Striped horizontal candy/colorbomb cannon Level 1521
StripedV ColorBomb Cannon Striped vertical candy/colorbomb cannon Level 1521
ColorBomb Purplejelly Cannon Colorbomb/purplejelly cannon Level 1530
Wrapped ColorBomb Cannon Wrapped/colorbomb cannon Level 1635

Slot cannonsEdit

  • Mixed elements can produce special candies (Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap  Color Bomb  Cyancoloring), purple jelly candies (Purplejellycandy) or liquorice swirls (Liquorice Swirl). You can realize a mixed cannon because the special candies, purple jelly or blocker will twirl continuously and reappear again (like Special Candy Cannon 7). One cannon can contain three or more elements. The table below lists some elements can spawn from one cannon.
Image First appearance Products
Special Candy Cannon 1 Level 46 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh
Special Candy Cannon 2 Level 59 Orangestripev  Redwrap Liquorice Swirl
Special Candy Cannon 3 Level 238 Bluefish  Orangestripev Liquorice Swirl
Special Candy Cannon 4 Level 275 Bluefish  Purplestripeh Liquorice Swirl
Special Candy Cannon 5 Level 378 Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 6 Level 608 Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 7 Level 613 Bluefish  Purplestripeh  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 8 Level 619 Purplestripeh  Redwrap Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 9 Level 629 Redwrap  Color Bomb  Cyancoloring
Special Candy Cannon 10 Level 658 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 11 Level 724 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap  Color Bomb
Special Candy Cannon 12 Level 734 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh Liquorice Swirl
Special Candy Cannon 13 Level 914 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 14 Level 964 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Redwrap Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 15 Level 1054 Liquorice Swirl  Bluefish  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 16 Level 1054 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Color Bomb  Cyancoloring
Special Candy Cannon 17 Level 1099 Liquorice Swirl  Bluefish  Purplestripeh  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 18 Level 1109 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Redwrap  Color Bomb  Cyancoloring
Special Candy Cannon 19 Level 1158 Orangestripev  Redwrap  Color Bomb
Special Candy Cannon 20 Level 1263 Orangestripev  Purplestripeh Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 21 Level 1263 Liquorice Swirl  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 22 Level 1335 Bluefish  Purplestripeh  Redwrap  Cyancoloring
Special Candy Cannon 23 Level 1381 Liquorice Swirl  Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 24 Level 1525 Liquorice Swirl  Orangestripev Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 25 Level 1530 Orangestripev  Redwrap Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 26 Level 1569 Liquorice Swirl  Purplestripeh  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 27 Level 1597 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Redwrap  Color Bomb  Cyancoloring
Special Candy Cannon 28 Level 1653 Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Cyancoloring
Special Candy Cannon 29 Level 1665 Bluefish  Purplestripeh Purplejellycandy
Special Candy Cannon 30 Level 1725 Liquorice Swirl  Orangestripev  Purplestripeh
Special Candy Cannon 31 Level 1768 Orangestripev  Purplestripeh  Color Bomb
Special Candy Cannon 32 Level 1911 Liquorice Swirl  Bluefish  Color Bomb
Special Candy Cannon 33 Level 1914 Liquorice Swirl  Bluefish  Orangestripev  Redwrap
Special Candy Cannon 34 Level 1921 Bluefish  Orangestripev  Color Bomb


  • The candy cannons works like the ones of Candy Crush Soda Saga. However, the game does not have soda, so Soda Cannon is also not present in here replacing it with Purple Jelly Cannons.


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