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Candies are the main elements in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. They are the items you match in the game. There are 8 types of candy, 7 regular candy colors and one special candy color with powerful effects.

The eight different colours and shapes are:

Image Color Appearance
Red Sausage
Orange Lozenge
Yellow Teardrop
Green Pillow
Cyan Doughnut
Blue Planet
Purple Flower
Black Triangle

Black Candy[]


When Creamy Canyon was released, Purplejellycandy.png (Black Candy) was introduced. It is also its own candy color. It has a regular effect when matching three of Purplejellycandy.png. However, It has special properties when matched into special candies.

Types of candies[]

There are two main types of candies:

  • Regular candies - green, purple, yellow, orange, red, cyan, blue, and black.
    • Black candies don't create special candies when they are matched, unlike other types of regular candies. Instead, they have their special candy effect for each candy when they have matched the form of striped candy or wrapped candy. When they are matched the form of color bomb or coloring candy, the effect becomes combining two of them.
  • Special candies - created by forming special combinations. Each has its own effect.


  • All candies in the game have the same shape as Candy Crush Soda Saga except the cyan one. It is doughnut shaped instead of diamond.
  • After July 13, 2018, the fall speed of candies is faster than usual.
  • The black candy's color is more closer to the purple color.