Blocker is a very common element and the main obstacle in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. They prevent a player from accomplishing a level goal. They usually take up a tile (1x1 square). These objects can take on one or more of the following functions:

  • Prevent a player from accessing or using candies (i.e. liquorice locks and jelly cubes)
  • Prevent a player from clearing blockers (i.e. jelly cubes and cotton clouds)
  • Prevent candies from taking up a space unless cleared (i.e. cupcakes and fishing nets)
  • Prevent a special candy (in particular, Striped Candies) from performing their normal function (i.e. liquorice swirls, wiggling, and candyvores)
  • Cover up candies (i.e. cotton clouds)

Blockers are the main obstacles of the board, so the player has to clear them. Nearly every level has at least one type of blocker. Levels can have up to three to six types of blockers.

There are many different types of blockers, each having different properties, so a player has to deal with each one differently. Some are easier to deal with, some harder.

List of blockers Edit

You can click the blocker names so that you can see their information.

Blocker First appearance Unique Properties
Liquorice Lock

Liquorice Lock

2 Prevents candies from being moved or destroyed. Removed by matching 3 or more using the candy in it. Has different properties if it is on something without color.

One-layered CupcakeTwo-layered CupcakeThree-layered CupcakeFour-layered CupcakeFive-layered Cupcake

23 Maximum of five layers. The one-layered version is the easiest blocker to be cleared. Cleared by matching candies next to it.
Liquorice Swirl

Liquorice Swirl

41 Resistant to striped candies and colour bombs. First movable blocker.
Fishing Net

Fishing Net 3

241 Release six candy fish out.
Jelly Cube

Blue Jelly
Jelly cube 1 blueJelly cube 1 pinkJelly cube 1 greenJelly cube 2 blueJelly cube 2 pinkJelly cube 2 green

321 Blocks the candy inside of it but it can be switched in the top of the candy. Maximum of two layers.
Jelly cube 1 blue in level 201 (unofficial)
Jelly cube 1 blue  Jelly cube 1 pink in level 321
Jelly cube 1 green in level 336
Jelly cube 2 blue in level 361
Jelly cube 2 pink  Jelly cube 2 green in level 363

Jelly Lock 3

601 Resistant to special candies, like candyvores and liquorice swirls. Maximum of 3 layers. Cleared by special candies.
Cotton Cloud

Cotton Cloud 1
Cotton Cloud 2
Cotton Cloud 3

781 Contain candies and blockers inside them. Maximum of three layers.
Cotton Cloud 1 in level 781
Cotton Cloud 2 in level 801
Cotton Cloud 3 in level 901.


1576 Resistant to special candies, like wiggling and liquorice swirls. Eat candy around them after 2 moves. Maximum of 4 layers. Cleared by special candies.
Liquorice Link

Liquorice link 1Liquorice link 2Liquorice link 3Liquorice link 4Liquorice link 5

2246 Maximum of 5 layers (for normal links) and 4 layers (for yellows). If one link in a chain of links is destroyed, the whole chain is destroyed with it.

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  • In the levels with a lot of sections, if the blockers don't belong to the current section after the player completes the levels, all of them will be removed, except liquorice swirls.
  • During Sugar Crush, if special candies are in the blockers like liquorice locks, jelly cubes, cotton clouds (except wiggling), they will destroy blockers themselves.
  • Ironically, two-layered cupcake is presented in the initial layout before the one-layered cupcake. However, one-layered cupcake can be seen if a layer is removed from a two-layered cupcake.
  • One-layered jelly cube is seen at Red Velvet Valley, but two-layered jelly cube was not seen continuously until Mochi Mountain Village.
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