Black Candy is an element in Candy Crush Jelly Saga which is brought from Candy Crush Soda Saga. It is first introduced in the fifth episode, Creamy Canyon. Although it does not have any special properties of making a simple match, it has much more powerful effects than when you match other candies to form a special candy, similar to its corresponding double-candy combination.

Also in that episode, black candy cannon (Purplejelly Cannon) is introduced. When these cannons appears on the board, it means black candy only spawn where there are cannons fixed; and they are only spawned in some certain moves instead of being spawned continuously by cascades.

It is also its own color; hence it can be regarded as the 8th color of Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

  • When a candy fish is made of Purplejellycandy, candy fish will be made and activated equal to the number of candies used. This is analogous to a Fish+Fish combo.
  • When a striped candy is made of Purplejellycandy, the four Purplejellycandy candies will destroy 4 rows/columns. This is analogous to a Striped+Striped combo.
  • When a wrapped candy is made of Purplejellycandy, it explodes once and destroys a 7x7 area. This is similar to a Wrapped+Wrapped combo, and when positioned correctly it may hit all the tiles.
  • When a color bomb is made of Purplejellycandy, it will explode and destroy all candies and strip one layer from all blockers, same effect of color bomb+color bomb combination.
  • When a coloring candy is made of Purplejellycandy, dark purple bubbles will spew out, changing every candy into black candies. It is equal to coloring candy+coloring candy combination, However, no Jenny appears and it won't make special candies become Purplejellycandy.


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