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Allen's journey
Characters Allen
Release date Web.png: Unavailable
Mobile Icon.png: December 31, 2017

Allen's journey is one of the features in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It is only available on the mobile version.

This feature will be unlocked at level 28.


Get tasty rewards for each level you beat without losing a life!

When Allen gets his balloon, the player will get rewards for each level you complete and use them at the beginning. If you lose or quit a level, Allen will lose almost all balloons; just one remains. However, the last balloon will be lost when you lose or quit a level while Allen only has one.


Level Balloon Reward
1 Orange Allen's Journey balloon 1.png Allen's Journey reward 1 notification.png
2 Yellow Allen's Journey balloon 2.png Allen's Journey reward 2 notification.png
3 Green Allen's Journey balloon 3.png Allen's Journey reward 3 notification.png
4 Red Allen's Journey balloon 4.png Allen's Journey reward 4 notification.png
5 Purple Allen's Journey balloon 5.png Allen's Journey reward 5 notification.png

Help Allen Fly[]

Help Allen Fly info.png

Help Allen Fly is a minor event in Allen's journey which was available from 6 to July 12 2020. To get gold bars, you must win at least 7 levels and at most 15 levels in a row without losing a life.


  • This feature is released for some mobile devices.
  • The maximum level visible in this feature is 7 when you first get a balloon. The length of the path will be extended when you pass levels (and you will see next 5 levels from your current one) until you quit or fail a level.
  • You can only access to this feature when you win a current level. Losing the current level will make this feature disappear.
  • On September 14 2020, the player can see Allen on event map. However, no boosters will be used in those levels. It was fixed on December 5 2021.
  • At the first time when you install the game and play, Allen will appear and say "Hello!", like a way to welcome players to start the journey with him.
  • This feature was suddenly removed on February 17, 2021 but only some players. The feature came back on March 12, 2021.


(music will be played when you access to Allen's Journey menu.)

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